How Artisan Contractors Can Save Money on Workers’ Compensation

Posted On: June 14, 2023

Due to their specialized knowledge, artisan contractors play essential roles in construction. However, they often work in dangerous environments, which can lead to injury and workers’ compensation claims. 

As a contractor in California, you must have the best workers’ compensation plan while saving money. Your insurance agent will tell you how claims can impact premiums, costing your clients significantly. Fortunately, companies can avoid spending more on insurance by implementing the following tips.

Identify Top Dangers for Artisan Contractors

Identifying the most common dangers is one of the best tips for saving money on workers’ comp for artisan contractors. Once contractors determine the most significant sources of harm, they can create mitigation plans.

Workplace hazards vary by industry and worksite, so companies should continually review their projects to recognize new issues. However, there are a few factors that tend to appear across jobs:

  • Danger around heavy equipment
  • Risk of falling off ladders and scaffolding
  • Problems with unloading or loading equipment
  • Weather posing visibility or slipping issues

Companies should outline risk evaluation duties and assign them to a team or an individual for the best results. Doing so ensures worksites undergo review and that no potential hazards get overlooked.

Support Injured Workers

Injured artisan contractors may only be able to return to work more slowly than they or their employers would like. However, time off doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Once employees are in stable condition, they can enter a return-to-work program that helps them transition back to their former roles.

Companies must communicate with employees and their medical providers for a successful transition. Doing so helps businesses accommodate workers, whether that means an adjusted schedule, part-time work, or assistance with specific tasks. In addition to closing a claim quickly, return-to-work programs help companies avoid training new staff, a process that can be expensive.

Update Workers’ Compensation Coverage Annually

Reviewing workers’ compensation coverage can be tedious, and businesses may prefer to renew their policy rather than read through the fine print. However, companies’ needs change, so it’s crucial to double-check if the current policy is still a good fit.

Your insurance agent will encourage you and your business to review your policies by sending reminders about renewal. They may also create a frequently asked questions webpage or brochure to make the process easier. From there, you can ask your agent detailed questions and set up individual conferences to address concerns. 

During this process, your agent will outline the many benefits of maintaining the proper coverage. Many businesses prioritize short-term savings, but doing so can cost them in the long run. You can work with your agent to save money without sacrificing worker benefits.

Prioritize Artisan Contractors Safety Training

Businesses should hold safety training annually to ensure everyone knows the proper protocol for handling hazardous materials, dangerous equipment, and medical emergencies. Regular training also promotes a culture of safety, enabling employees to speak up when they notice something questionable.

Companies should also “walk the talk” instead of paying lip service to safety. Sometimes, artisan contractors feel pressure to rush jobs or cut corners, potentially risking lives to save money or time. This approach puts workers in harm’s way and makes businesses vulnerable to lawsuits if the project fails because of negligence.

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