Surety Bonds

The ability to obtain a bond quickly is vital to a construction business to remain competitive. The construction specialists at Western Republic Insurance Services provide a streamlined approach to getting a bond so you can comfortably bid on residential and commercial projects. We work with contractors looking for their first bond as well as operations with an established bond history.

We can provide you with these key contract bonds:

  • Bid Bonds: This bond guarantees the owner you will honor the bid and will sign all contract documents if awarded the contract.

  • Payment Bonds: This bond guarantees that vendors and labor contractors will get paid even if you fail on the contract. Payment bonds make a project more attractive to vendors and labor contractors since they are protected from doing work without pay.

  • Performance Bonds: This bond guarantees you will perform the work according to the terms of the contract.

Additional Bonds

In addition, we can secure commercial bonds for you, including License and Permit Bonds; Court, Notary, Probate or Public Official Bonds, and State Professional Bonds; and other miscellaneous bonds to support your business needs.

We’re Ready to Help

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