General Liability Insurance

Sustaining business growth and profitability requires seizing opportunities that may come with additional liability exposures. It’s important to have proper Commercial General Liability insurance in place to protect your assets against risk. 

At Western Republic Insurance Services, we look at each client’s business and operational profile to determine the extent of its exposures and how to best address them. Whether you are a large construction firm, an artisan contractor, retailer, manufacturer, distributor, or professional, we have the depth of expertise to help you manage your risk and widen your path to profitability.

What’s Covered in a General Liability Policy?

General Liability insurance helps you respond quickly in the event of a loss for which you are responsible, gets you back to concentrating on your core operations. It generally provides the following coverages:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability to third parties
    (anyone other than you and your employees)

  • Medical Expenses (such as the cost of calling an ambulance for someone injured
    on your premises)

  • Completed Products Liability (i.e., damage caused by your products after you
    finish creating them)

  • Personal and Advertising Injury (such as claims of slander or libel)

Beyond General Liability Insurance

There are also many enhancements available to the CGL policy to respond to unique industry exposures, all of which we can discuss with you in detail once we review your operation. Additional policies are available to step in where the Commercial General Liability does not provide coverage, such as cyber exposures, employment practices, professional liability, and others. 

We’re Ready to Help

We’re here to take care of your insurance needs and protect you from risk, and looking forward to hearing from you.  Contact us today to go over your insurance program.