How I Saved a Contractor $130,000+ on Their Workers’ Compensation Renewal in California

This low-voltage contractor in California was desperate for workers’ compensation savings. Their experience modifier had ballooned to 2.06 after suffering 80 workers’ compensation claims over the prior four years. Not only did we save them over $130,000+, this video explains how we utilize a claim administrator in an effort to get the open claims closed as quickly as possible. The faster the claims close, the lower the reserves, the lower the claim size, the lower the ex-mod will be in the future.

How My Client Got BURNED by His Other Insurance Agent

This contractor had a general liability policy through another agent and was under the impression that his general liability policy would cover his business personal property. Tragically, his neighbor accidentally exploded a Lithium-Ion battery in his building, causing a major 3-alarm fire that burned 10 businesses down. Because he didn’t fully understand what his general liability insurance would cover, this client will likely never recover the $250,000 in property and equipment he lost in the fire.

How to Save 38% on Your Workers’ Compensation Renewal

Despite having two recent claims, this electrical contractor benefited from the recent changes in the California workers’ compensation market to the tune of 38% in savings.

How I Saved My Client Money on Employment Practices Liability Insurance in California

Many businesses in California are unaware of the importance of Employment Practices Liability Coverage. In this video, we cover some of the benefits of maintaining this coverage. In addition, we were able to find a market that provided significant savings for our client versus their renewal.

Why Roofers in California Should Review Their General Liability Insurance Policy

This roofing contractor was curious if his general liability policy was offering adequate coverage to protect his roofing business. After a deep dive, we discovered several major policy limitations that were putting his company at at serious risk.

SIMERP Will Have a Massive Impact on Your California Business

Implementing a Self Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Program will have a huge impact on your business. This IRS-compliant program will help employers in California reduce workers’ compensation costs by 20%+, increase employee benefits and reduce payroll taxes by $500 per employee, AT NO COST.

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