Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Very few businesses can weather catastrophic liability losses, making Commercial Umbrella insurance critical in protecting one’s assets.

While primary policies, such as General Liability and Automobile Liability, step in to provide coverage, if a significant loss occurs, the limits on these policies will not be enough. This is especially true in a litigious environment where multi-million-dollar awards are increasingly common. This is where a Commercial Umbrella policy steps in. 

The professionals at Western Republic Insurance Services will evaluate your business risks to help determine the limits you require to protect against high-exposure claims.

Under a Commercial Umbrella Policy

Commercial Umbrella insurance provides you with an extra layer of security, extending the coverage on your primary Liability insurance to pay for costs associated with lawsuits, legal fees, and settlements.

If, for example, you have a liability claim that requires $4 million to settle, and the limit on your General Liability policy is $1 million, your out-of-pocket costs would be $3 million. With a $5 million Umbrella policy, the remainder of the settlement would have been covered, leaving your assets untouched.

With Western Republic and our leading insurance company partners, you will also have access to experienced professionals whose focus is on handling excess liability claims as well as providing loss control to reduce the potential for claims.

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